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Saturday 16 March 2013

Music · Joe Claussell · Suspicious Dub

Much 80s music appears to be suspicious these daze. Maybe the techo innovations then sound dated now. This is certainly true in most dance music. Sample-rich classics sound clunky. 80s Detroit techno sounds clunky.

This one is an exception which I pulled from ma dejay days memory. Still hits home!

It's a dub. 'Suspicious' is actually a track by the group Ten City but this version doesn't even credit them, just the producer. Dub in this house music sense is a version which technically comes from reggae and has the same 'stripped down' relationship with the original.

This surviving clip on Youtube, probs from radio recordings?, is solid keyboard, a type of track which especially tickled my ivorys, an orgasmic marriage with 'deep house'. After the jump, plus the gospel touched original:

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