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Sunday 24 March 2013

Music · Giorgio Moroder · New (old!) product

Giorgio Moroder is one of the most famous and influential disco producers, although the kidz all appear to know of him just because of Daft Punk and not because of Donna Summer's seminal 'I Feel Love' (which is embedded after the break).

CoS reports that Moroder, now 72, is releasing a whole stack of tracks from The Time Before Disco: Schlagermoroder (Volume 1: 1966-1975). And the lot, plus some later tracks, can be heard, for free, on Soundcloud. “Enjoy my tracks, some of them are rare," says he.

CoS highlights:
.. an extended version of Scarface‘s “Push It to the Limit” which soundtracked what’s  arguably the most quintessential ’80s montage in the history of filmmaking.
That is one maaajorly remixed track (not a fan).

Moroder's theme from Midnight Express, one more oldie but funky goldie, plus I Feel Love and two newly re-released tracks after the jump:


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