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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Who knew?

Great idea from the LibDems. A meme of '25 random things' is going their rounds, post Facebook. Politicians are answering. Read around to get a real flavour of various personalities (i.e. Iain Dale). Hope it catches on.

From well-known slag Nick Clegg we learn:
  • he's eaten fried bees
  • he rides a moped
  • he is a bad ski instructor
  • he did daily transcendental meditation
  • he's a bird killer
  • he worked for Christopher Hitchens
  • he likes mangoes
Good idea (especially the mangoes). Camerooon? How about the Aussie Chaser's War On Everything meme: 'who would you go gay for?'

Result for the future Aussie PM?
Kevin Rudd did make an appearance on the show, and clearly planned his response well in advance. The Rudd man considered Dame Edna for a moment - perhaps not realising she’s a classy country housewife and far too modest for such shenanigans.

He then pondered the possibility of coupling with Kath & Kim’s Kjell Knight, for his “style, sophistication and unique power walk.” I’m not sure whether or not that was Fraud’s way of alluding to Rudd’s secret attraction to his power-walking nemesis, John Howard.

In the end, it appeared that Kjell Knight was already taken by fellow Rove guest, Jason Donovan. Given that, Rudd resigned to the safe answer by claiming that his wife, Terese, was the only one for him. Of course, Rove latched on to the awkward mystery created by that statement, by asking Kevin if that meant his wife was a man. In typically embarrassed fashion, Rudd only chuckled his non-response to that dig.
Owh ... where's slag Cleggy on that meme :} Or trussed up Brown. Or monsieur closet Mandleson ...

Moi? ('25 random things', not 'gay for' ... )

What don't you know from my blog posts?

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  1. Go on then. You tell us 25 things, and I'll answer the other question:-)