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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Zim: unresolved

The all-powerful Joint Operations Command (JOC), comprising military and secret service chiefs, which advises Mugabe on national issues, has taken the hard-line stance that Mugabe should abandon the talks and form a Zanu-PF government, possibly with some ministers drawn from Arthur Mutambara's smaller MDC faction.
"JOC has always been against the talks which could result in Tsvangirai getting some executive powers. Remember, JOC is made up of military commanders who have in the past made it public that they will not allow Tsvangirai to be the leader of the country," one source said.

Tsvangirai has rejected a power-sharing deal in which he would become prime minister and Mugabe remain president, as he says it gives him no real executive powers.

Mbeki's strategy is falling apart. Good.


  1. Nothing will ever be solved with the both of them wanting to be in charge. What I see as the best thing to do it for one to leave all together or getting fresh blood to take over.

  2. I've read a lot of criticism of Morgan but really it is Mbeki who deserves it.

    What appears to me to be happening though is that the generals [those really running Mugabe] are backed into a corner because the economy is collapsing.

    Morgan won't accept the deal being imposed and it's not long until Mbeki is gone.

    Got be some hope there that a year from now the generals and the old man will be in SA or Malaysia.

    -- Great blog BTW!