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Thursday, 28 August 2008


Democrat convention, all the speeches are here.

The Grauniad also had a great take on the rather historic blogger presence in Denver.

I have got teary several times this week, from some of these speeches (guess which) and from Matthew Mitcham.

I've also been ring-a-ting-tinging with a gay-0-gasp BUSH supporter ... (beyond parody)

This queen inspired me to transpire transcribe something huffpost did a while back which was to list all the stuff Bush has done in single words and put it on a poster and a t-shirt. Here [events list] t'is:
Abu Gharib, Halliburton, climate change, Blackwater, executive power, body armor, Katrina, Guantanamo, green zone, waterboarding, duct tape, the surge, undisclosed location, Fallujah, military tribunals, no-bid contracts, Kellogg, Brown & Root, triple canopy, vote caging, Kyoto, threat level orange, faith-based initiatives, recount, redeployment, 5 million missing emails, preemptive war, warrantless wiretapping, Tora Bora, quail hunting, fired US attorneys, secret enrgy taskforce, Pat Tillman, wide stance, clear skies, habeus corpus, mobile weapons lab, IEDs, Walter Reed, the pet goat, extended tours, signing statements, Downing Street memo, Jessica Lynch, hanging chads, rendition, patriot act, FEMA trailers, gas prices, Texas Air National Guard, Plamegate, budget deficit, plummeting dollar, rolling blackouts, recess appointments, unilateralism, Terri Shiavo, Swiftboat, aluminum tubes, war profiteering, deficit spending, Putin's soul, Carlyle Group, red states, Diebold Corp, rubber stamp Congress, yellowcake, curveball.
As I told said 'queen': there's a reason he's one of the lowest rated President's and a joke around the word - and it's not just the word mangling. D'oh!

As Kerry said at the convention and as Arianna has been underlining - there is a difference between McCain then and now, McCain the candidate is proposing to reverse roe vs wade, had voted for torture, supports tax cuts for the rich and 90% voted in favour of Bush's agenda.

Answering said queen, Obama=Muslim - here's the sole real research on the actual source

+ on 'what's good for the gays'? Obama put out PR on Del Martin's death today, opposes prop 8. which would overturn Californian marriage equality and has a hard record (I have blogged the detail) of speaking to straight audiences in red states about gay equality. McCain? Seriously. McCain?

Ayers is already something a repug billionaire is attempting to swiftboat Barry with. Unlike Kerry though, Barry's people are coming out swinging. etc. (and Jon Stewart) have already nailed this nonsense.

Barry's people not letting it lie (like the Muslim stuff, the 'not a natural born citizen' stuff etc. etc.) is going to push him over the top (we can but hope).

I have no illusions mon ding-donger, Barrack is not the messiah, he's just a politican. But the alternative?

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  1. The sad thing is that in the US Presidential election, it actually matters whether Obama is a muslim or not.

    Surely people's personal methods of finding God (or indeed, the absence of same) shouldn't determine whether or not they are electable?