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Friday, 29 August 2008

Obama speech sets internet on fire

That was a great speech. Even Pat Buchanan loved it.
“It was a genuinely outstanding speech. It was magnificent. It is the finest – and I saw Cuomo’s speech, I saw Kennedy in ‘80, I even saw Douglas MacArthur, I saw Martin Luther King – this is the greatest convention speech, and probably the most important because unlike Cuomo and the others this is an acceptance speech. This came out of the heart of America and he went right at the heart of America…”
Andrew Sullivan:
"What he didn't do was give an airy, abstract, dreamy confection of rhetoric. If the Rove Republicans thought they were playing with a patsy, they just got a reality check."
Wired followed the online reaction:
More than 6,500 tweets on the subject poured in in about 20 minutes Thursday evening.

"Obama nailed it tonight for me," writes swhitley, "I may not agree with all of his policies, but I think his message of hope for our country means more."
See more online reaction on Memeorandum.

Danny Finkelstein has a good pundit summary.

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