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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Paul Canning’s 10 point plan

Well it wasn't meant that way but 'the plan' has now been picked up and echoed (this is now a few more echoes than I may have 'planned' for, if I was 'planning'). Jeez, I love the web somedays ...

The original post was a response to Minister Watson's question 'so what should we be doing then?' Some sort of web exchange provoked the question (lost). Literally off the top of my head I thought of ten things. This has now become a 'plan'. Er, Hokay ...

'The 10 point plan'
  1. Findability
  2. Disengagement from the wider web and those damned walled gardens
  3. Engaging the industry
  4. Marketing
  5. Widgetising services
  6. Engaging the local
  7. Cheaper usability methods
  8. Content
  9. Fixations on ‘engagement’
  10. Utilising reputation
Details in the original post.

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  1. Paul hi, Dave Briggs pointed me in your direction (helped out a couple of sessions at 2gether08) - Matt Waring, I work for WebsEdgeTV, amongst other things we work with the LGA to host, and produce the Local Government Channel, and provide films for SOCITM, etc - would like to talk about developing an event that brings local authority comms/mkt/CE's together with the guys who understand web 2, engagement, social networking, etc – think we can facilitate getting the audience.

    I’m mattwaring on twitter and matt at websedgetv dot com – I have a BB so can pick up email etc whenever (the new ball and chain!)


    ps - my "funny" gmail account - I write an occasional blog on Brand Republic, but I used to work there, so, well you know how it is.