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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Time to defend Diane Abbott

Twitter image search on Corbyn + Abbott, sorry but you should see this

The Times' story about the new Labour party leader having an affair 40 years ago with a new shadow cabinet member should be a bizarre irrelevance. But it is not.

Because she's black and he's white. And he is Jeremy Corbyn.

Anyone reading me will not be unaware of my issues with Corbyn. Similarly, my issues with Diane Abbott over Syria meant that the bloody woman blocked me on Twitter.

Don't care. As soon as the Times piece came out vile racist attacks on Abbott appeared. Now disgusting racist imagery aimed at Diane is everywhere.

Of course it is. She has had this countless times before.

People I enormously respect started tweeting the Times' story as if it were a joke. It's not. I challenged them - so should you.

Anyone opposed to either Corbyn or some of his policies who indulges this is, or will end up, indulging racism - end, of.

I have no time for anyone who fails to reflect and act when we are surrounded by these sort of vile racist attacks on Diane.

Neither should you. As I wrote last night when explaining why people needed to be very careful 'be aware' of the context this is all happening in and don't feed the beast.

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