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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Boycott McDonalds: “it’s run by Jews”

Xpost from Little Green Footballs
No, London is not a hotbed of jihadists (neither is Birmingham, thank you very much Fox News). Yes, it has its fair share of rubbish jihadists. Witness:

When one of our activists at the Israel Advocacy Movement went undercover at a BDS protest of McDonald’s in Shadwell, London. The activists admitted they were not boycotting Israeli businesses - but all Jewish businesses.
These guys/idiots remind me of the characters in the brilliant satirical movie Four Lions as well as those mocked by the satirical cartoon Monkey Dust:

They shalt be relentlessly mocked by ‘virgins’ in paradise.

And here’s some other Muslims calling them out:

HT: @AgeofMockery

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