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Saturday 7 September 2013

Music · Earth, Wind + Fire

Not a good time for me right now, maybe last post for whatever?, but a rather odd link to Go-Go from DC, goddam Chuck brown, sorta via Tomansky and Youtube related linked me back to this transportation. Fitting. The first music which really got me into black American music, + thence a world beyond my little one.

Yeah, it blew me away as a 70s, white, Brit, provincial teen. I was 14. I had a friend intense in his Greenwaldian way (he later joined Militant) determined to convince me on the Nobel obliqueness of the Beatles. Via BBC American chart reports I discovered this, Earth, Wind and Fire's live album, and Ringo and Lennon and my mate's pretentiousness could forget it. I wore 'Gratitude's grooves out.

Right after this I discovered George Clinton and P-funk and ... and I still cannot stand unfunky white whiney #firstworldproblems music.

The shadow EWF turned into - if you hear this? Well, depress me some more. Don't Googles. Nile Rodgers is a hyper-exception. This music is jus raped by Grand Theft Auto millenials as pimpsic. Fuggit yr racist aholes. This was my G-spot in 70s Britain, + this is their G-spot as history.

Embeds after the jump from 'Gratitude':

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