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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Music · Brooklyn Funk Essentials · I Got Cash

NSFW! NSFW! NSFW! Danger, Will Robinson!
I got cash in fuck you quantities.
Dragged back into thinking, writing about the eighties and El Thatch, I tried, really, I tried, to think for a weekly music post of something appropriate from that time that I actually like, which I might want to listen to again.

There's plenty that works politically but not so much that still does it for me musically now (er, Bronski Beat? My first publication was on them but I don't want to actually hear it again). Britfunk was still, er, finding its feet. Sooo, as I had this saved on my 'maybe post this sometime' list ... here's Brooklyn Funk Essentials' slamming 2000 sweet FU by extension to Thatcherism and Thatcher's children.

It's addressed to the NYawk version of those same Londonist a***holes. NYLON if umust ...
I got cash in fuck you quantities
Know what?
That makes you uncomfortable?
Fuck you and the Range Rover you drove in on

Fuck your Saab convertable
And fuck your twice weekly trips to the analyst
Stupid mutha fuck

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