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Monday 22 December 2008

Zimbabwe: what to do

Thousands have died of malnutrition and starvation. So many have been buried in their remote villages that nobody can be sure what is now the country's actual population.
Christian Science Monitor.

Daily Mail (yes!) has an excellent, underground piece today on the state of Zimbabweans.

And in my inbox is an Avaaz appeal about broadcasting a solidarity message in the new year to Zimbabweans.

Not enough. In fact I can just imagine how useful that will be. Worse than useless. Almost patronising.

What is needed is nothing but endless pressure on South Africa. They are the ones who can turn SADC and force change. They are the ones who Mugabe will listen to and accept exile. It is all about SA applying the screws - or not.

And this argument is sanctioned by endless African voices. Meaning, don't feel any lingering white guilt for doing it. This is about fellow humans saying what is right.

It is not enough to 'offer solidarity' to Zimbabweans!

Although Africa has worse horrors. Although bigger genocides are happening and have happened (Zenawi?), let this be an example to the other bastard dictators. Mugabe first.

What pressure on SA?

1. World cup - Move it. Seriously. Scare them that it could happen.
2. Shunning - No more big-ups from the likes of Bono and Geldof (big-up Botswana's leaders instead), back turning on the SA leadership - literally.
3. Shaming - Say it. Their behaviour is shameful. It is SA that is letting this happen. It is is SA which is responsible. Shame them.

'African solutions'? Pah. Time for world solutions and some real solidarity.

Embassies of South Africa to Other Nations

Boycott South Africa World Cup 2010 in support of Zimbabwe

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