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Monday 29 September 2008

US election: where to look

Forget the BBC - I may have mentioned the pointlessness of them as a news source before ...

Here are some bookmarks I have, if you're interested:

memeorandum - brings all the news and blog sources together in a nice, tidy cascade. We definitely need something exactly like this in UK politics coverage.

The Huffington Post - Top Liberal news source

DRUDGE REPORT - Top Conservative news source - what's happening in the polls and the electoral vote

marbury - a generally spot-on UK journos take

Michael Tomasky - - about the only other UK journo worth reading

Mudflats - the best Palin news, and from Alaska

The Daily Dish By Andrew Sullivan
Crooks and Liars
Ben Smith's Blog -
Countdown with Keith Olbermann -
Rachel Maddow
Glenn Greenwald -

And for the online election - techPresident – blogs

And for fun - Wonkette: The D.C. Gossip

Anything I'm missing here?

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