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Wednesday 18 July 2007

Bytes · Women online - Google seeding - cool videowall

TechPresident: Morra Aarons: Women Online: Facts, Figures, and the 2008 Election
  • After sleeping or spending time with family, the Internet is women’s favorite leisure activity (Yahoo/Starcom report 2005). But women surf around less than men: they like to frequent trusted sites and communities. This is important for campaigns to remember.
  • Even females who don’t self-describe as “political” organize and raise money: A recent survey by found that of the “mommy” blog readers surveyed, 46% have contributed to a cause or campaign.
  • Women talk differently online: "This is a huge generalization, but men use the blogosphere as a podium, e.g., 'This is what I think.' Women use it as a dialogue," Janet Eden-Harris, Internet firm Umbria's CEO, recently told the Denver Westword News. "The number of words that women use on a blog far exceeds that of men," she said. More later this week…
Anyone who follows politics knows this: For 40 years, more women than men have voted in elections .


As women go, so will the White House, which is why it is important to cover not only what campaigns and organizations are doing online to sway women voters, but also to observe what women say and do in their own networks, blogs, and online communities.

  • Dave Briggs points me in the direction of
    Similar in concept to (for photos) and (for videos) will be the online community for sharing all types of documents.
  • Something similar which I just discovered is SlideShare (I used it in an earlier post).

  • The World In One City is a great new blog:
    Our aim is to prove that London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world, by endeavouring to meet and chat to a citizen from every country in the world who currently lives and works in London.

    So far they've got 144. The Guardian did something similar in 2005:
    Altogether, more than 300 languages are spoken by the people of London, and the city has at least 50 non-indigenous communities with populations of 10,000 or more. Virtually every race, nation, culture and religion in the world can claim at least a handful of Londoners.

    London: the world in one city
    Interactive: Use our scrollable map to see which ethnic communities live where in London.
    View this map as a pdf
    Key to the map

    London by religion
    Map: Counting the capital by religion.
    London by religion: analysis

    London by ethnicity
    Map: Counting the capital by ethnic group.
    London by ethnicity: analysis

    What the maps don't show
    Factfile: Tower Hamlets has the lowest proportion of ethnic Indians of any London borough; 5.1% of Kensington and Chelsea's populatino are Americans. And many more facts and figures.

  • Sydney Morning Herald: The YouTube election
    That's John Howard on the right and ALP leader Kevin Rudd on the left
    John Howard's fake MySpace page
    A Little Beef - Howard/Bush mashup by Red Symons
    GetUp's ad starring Max Gillies as Howard
    GetUp's site for spoof election ads
    What's in the Box? (spoof ad)
  • Mark Tillison detects other motives in Google's extension of their hosted online office tools from educational to non-profits:
    · The educational sector is pretty communal, there’s lots of sharing of ideas and word of mouth, so plenty of organic growth.
    · It’s a very large, well defined sector that will create a large user base very quickly.
    · Most importantly, what do we trust most as users? We trust what we know. As human beings, we don’t typically like change. When we’re getting educated, we use the tools we’re presented with because we don’t know anything else. When we leave education, we want to use those same tools that we’re comfortable with.

    This strategy, often called ’seeding’, produces exceptional results in the medium to long term, but you need a lot of funding to survive the investment period (like Google, for example).

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~

  • 2008 Presidential Wire Videowall is a brilliant mash-up with Yahoo Pipes and Google Video by a former Guilliani advisor, Patrick Ruffini:
    The videowall aggregates all the latest YouTube videos about the ‘08 candidates in a full screen total immersion experience. I’ve found it very useful in tracking down debate clips, anonymous oppo hits, and other cool stuff I’ve missed. Voter generated content is mixed in with media clips and official candidate videos to provide a 360 degree view of the campaign.
    Does take time to load :/

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