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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bush/Cheney torture worse than Gestapo's

Via Andy Sullivan:

From the Red Cross's summary of Bush-Cheney torture techniques:

1. Main Elements of the CIA Detention Program
1.1 Arrest and Transfer
1.2 Continuous Solitary Confinement and Incommunicado Detention
1.3 Other Methods of Ill-treatment
1.3.1 Suffocation by water
1.3.2 Prolonged Stress Standing
1.3.3 Beatings by use of a collar
1.3.4 Beating and kicking
1.3.5 Confinement in a box
1.3.6 Prolonged nudity
1.3.7 Sleep deprivation and use of loud music
1.3.8 Exposure to cold temperature/cold water
1.3.9 Prolonged use of handcuffs and shackles
1.3.10 Threats
1.3.11 Forced shaving
1.3.12 Deprivation/restricted provision of solid food
1.4 Further elements of the detention regime...

The Gestapo's list of torture techniques that fit into their "enhanced interrogation program" - a torture regime designed to avoid too-obvious or incriminating physical scars:

For shame that the UK went along with this. Churchill must be turning in his grave.


  1. I'm not sure where I stand on this. Torturing someone is unacceptable and ineffective. Is it any better if you torture someone more softly? If it is, then are you condoning some forms of torture? If it isn't then it doesn't matter how bad the physical measures are, surely?

  2. This is the issue with Bush/Cheney - they have muddied the waters for many with torture. My point (and Andy Sullivan's) is not just that 'it doesn't work', and other arguments, but to revisit history and recall how Churchill and our forefathers thought.

    'he who forgets history' and all that ...

    Sullivan has been the best documenter on this

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