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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Sick profiteering

Profiteers moved in on the US campus massacre almost before the last shot was fired.

Domain names, and have already been sold. was offered for auction on eBay with an image of an assault rifle and described as the "perfect domain name for any memorandum or other site dedicated to the recent mass killings at Virginia Tech."

One asked for $100,000 for five sites in an ad decorated in American flags and described as "Great Domain Names for a Memorial Fund Development….Our Hearts go out to all the victims and families of Virginia Tech Massacre!"

The owner of says that he's been getting hate mail:

"I didn't think it through. I was just thinking about the money first."

Also being bought up are the victims name and has already been bought by The Etrader., and others using the victim's names are even selling PPC ads.

This reminds me of the Columbine killings, which was widely blamed on the Internet, where the makers of Web Filters within hours were using it for marketing.


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