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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Postscript: Playing online political catch-up

Fascinating comments thread between Tim Ireland and Tom Watson MP on Watson's blog about Derek Draper's LabourList (in which Watson calls Draper a "chimp").

To it's credit, LabourList now has something against the Third Runway (but not from the campaigners).

Their videos remain crap but they're throwing lots at the wall ... something may stick.

Still looks utterly tedious though and - as I've commented on the thread:
How is this going to help win against the Tories? I don’t get it. I don’t get the proposition.

And was the Huffpost comparison suggested by them? Now a UK version of that would be a good idea …
And, stranger than strange, a Daily Mail commentator gets why Prescott may be good for Labour online:
Oddly enough, Prescott might do quite well as a blogger. The conversational style required comes naturally to him, as does the sense of indignation. These things matter far more than technical geekery.
But also points to why none of them are learning a thing from the online effort to get Obama elected:
The danger is that all the Labour Party sites - gofourth, Labourhome and Labourlist, feel that the best way to deal with unwelcome news is to ignore it.

At the time of writing none of them has covered the main political story of the moment - four Labour peers being caught agreeing to take cash to change legislation. The story is 'unhelpful.' Labour block their ears and hope it will go
Model? Lots. Try DailyKos.

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