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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sarah Palin says GOP welcomes all Muslims

Now this is interesting. Palin's rally goers have been filmed now numerous times saying brownshirt stuff about muslims and Obama - and here's their heroine clearly knocking them right down. I wonder what they'd think of her once (if) these remarks get any play?

VOICEOVER: So how does the McCain campaign really feel about Muslims? Well, the clearest answer is coming from a surprising source, the straight-talker herself.
REPORTER: Do you think the Republican Party should embrace the party's Muslims?
PALIN: Our party's what?
REPORTER: Muslims. Do you think the Republican Party should embrace its own Muslims?
PALIN: We're not going to discriminate against a person's religion at all. No, that is not appropriate and not acceptable, in my book, to discriminate.

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  1. This is most likely because those "republicans" at Palin's rallies caught making disparaging remarks were actually liberals infiltrating the rallies to pretend to be republicans who are the dregs of society, to give them bad press. Worked, didn't it? Despicable. They are about to do the same thing at the tea parties. Who is the party of tolerance, again?